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Needed Fluid Exchanges | RM Automotive Inc.

Northridge Fluid Exchanges

Over the last several years we have seen an increased need for more comprehensive fluid exchanges of your car’s vital fluids. While before we would simply drain and fill most fluids, today our conviction is to provide a better way. The following fluids need to have periodic comprehensive fluid exchanges, not just drain and fill.


Transmission exchange

Drive Train and Transmission

Power Steering Information

Cooling System

Engine Oil & Lubrication


The problem with regular drain and fill fluid services

Let’s take a look at your automatic transmission. It is made up of numerous moving metal parts that require proper lubrication: Transmission Fluid. With time, the transmission fluid’s protective capabilities wear out. The fluid then stops protecting the transmission from disastrous problems. Bad fluid equals bad protection.

We have found, though, that just draining the transmission fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid is only doing part of the job.

Think of a kid’s bathtub full of dirty water after washing. You drain the water and the grime is still there lining the walls of the tub. Well, in the transmission, that grime is actually particles and bad fluid that causes your problems. BUT, there’s a bigger problem. The normal draining of most transmissions only removes about 1/3 of the old, bad transmission fluid. So adding 1/3 clean, good fluid to 2/3 bad fluid only makes all the fluid dirty.

The result is you still have a poorly protected transmission. To get the longest life out of your transmission, you need optimal protection by 100% exchanged fluid that is replace by 100% fresh fluid.

All of your important fluids have similar effects when we only drain and fill. Therefore, today, we highly recommend more proper exchanges. We have made some smart investments into equipment in our shop that allows us to handle the exchange and drain better. We currently use BG’s fluid exchanging machines. Each one has a dedicated purpose for specific fluids.