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Northridge Shocks & Struts Repair

Shocks & Struts Repair in Northridge, CA | RM Automotive Inc.

Your vehicle’s shocks and struts are both important components within the suspension system. When you get into your vehicle for a drive, you expect your ride to be smooth and enjoyable. When you start noticing how bumpy and downright uncomfortable your drive is, this is an indication that there might be an issue with the shocks and struts. The shocks and struts are the parts that absorb shock on the road. This make is possible for you to drive over bumps and uneven roads and not feel every movement of your vehicle. 

If you do suspect that there is an issue with your vehicle’s shocks and struts, we invite you into our shop here at RM Automotive. We can assist with all of your shocks and struts repairs in Northridge, CA, and have been proudly trusted in the community for over 20 years. We specialize in all makes and models of Asian and Domestic vehicles including Honda, Acura, Lexus, Toyota, Scion, Nissan, Infinity, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Mazda, Ford, GM, and Dodge. We know the ins and outs of these vehicles and can quickly identify if you’re in need of new shocks or struts. 

Signs that can indicate your vehicle needs shocks or struts replacement include: 

  • Increased bouncing after bumps/potholes
  • Problems with steering
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vibrating or shaky ride
  • Vehicle nose dives or pulls to one side
  • Leaking shocks

As soon as you begin experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, we encourage you to bring your vehicle into the experts here at RM Automotive. While it may be easy to ignore a shakier ride, the truth is that driving with bad shocks and struts can do more damage than you think. It can begin to cause excessive wear and tear on your tires and can actually decrease your ability to accurately brake, turn, and steer. 

When you bring your vehicle into our suspension repair experts, we will perform a full inspection of the shocks and struts and other suspension components to identify what repairs are needed. You can trust that our ASE certified technicians will only use genuine factory or better parts when performing repairs and will ensure that our work is done right the first time around. 

If you need shocks and struts repair in Northridge, CA, stop by the professionals here at RM Automotive or use our online appointment form to schedule your next visit today!