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11 Bizarre Traffic Laws From Around the World

If you've ever driven in a foreign country (or even in another state), you're probably unaware of all the area's traffic laws, even the strange ones. We've compiled some very bizarre driving laws; check them out! 

  1. In Thailand, it is illegal for men to drive topless. They can be fined up to 500 of their currency.
  2. In Russia, you can be fined for driving a filthy car.
  3. In Australia, it is illegal for motorists to stick their arms and hands out the window unless it is to signal to other drivers.
  4. It is against the law to drive and smoke a cigarette in Greece.
  5. In Spain, you can be fined for wearing flip-flops to drive.
  6. You can be fined if you accidentally splash through rainwater or mud on a pedestrian when driving in Japan.
  7. Driving with headlights on is required 24/7 in Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia. This is probably due to the very few daylight hours in the winter.
  8. In South Africa, you will be fined up to $500 if you do not slow or stop for livestock that needs to pass. 
  9. In Costa Rica, drinking and driving is legal - yikes, you heard that right. We definitely don't condone this.
  10. In Bulgaria, drivers have to have a fire extinguisher stored in their cars at all times.
  11. In the Philippines, the last number of your license plates determines when you can or cannot drive. It is illegal to drive on Mondays if it ends in a 1 or 2. On Tuesday, it's 3 and 4. On Wednesday, it's 5 and 6. Thursday, 7 and 8. Finally, on Friday, it's 9 and 0.


Even if you're not planning to do some foreign travel or driving any time soon, these are fun (and bizarre) facts to have in your back pocket. 


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