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5 Essential Fluids to Check This Fall

Fall is the best season to check your vehicle’s fluids. Your car has to work overtime during summers in Northridge. Hot temperatures take a toll on your car, but proper maintenance can prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. Several fluids work together to power your vehicle. This fall, your maintenance routine should include checking these five critical fluids to keep your vehicle running strong for October car care month.

Engine Oil

The engine oil is like the blood of your vehicle; it allows the engine to function optimally. The engine oil should be changed regularly during your oil change. Furthermore, many new cars now require synthetic oils. While oil changes are essential, don’t let them stop you from inspecting the engine oil every month to ensure the oil quality is still in good condition.


Coolant is a sweet-smelling fluid that prevents the engine from overheating. It lubricates all essential components within the cooling system. The coolant should be changed every 30,000 miles or so depending on your vehicle usage. However, it doesn’t hurt to check the levels and quality of the fluid. A seasonal check can alert you to top-off the coolant or, in some cases, schedule an inspection. Low coolant isn’t normal and typically is a sign of a leak. 

Power Steering Fluid

How does your steering wheel feel? Is it adequately turning and spinning with ease? The power steering fluid moves from its reservoir to the power steering pump allowing smooth steering. No fluid check is complete without a glance towards the power steering fluid because without it; you lose the ability to control your car. 

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid helps your vehicle stop and slow down at a safe rate. Since you need to brake during every driving trip, checking the brake fluid is a no brainer. Check that the fluid level is at a sufficient level and top it off if needed. If brake fluids are lower than usual, there may be a leak. Look under your vehicle for a pale, yellow liquid. 

Transmission Fluid

While transmission fluid has a lifespan that surpasses the engine oil, it still should be regularly checked. Transmission fluid, true to its name, lubricates the transmission. Hot weather is hard on transmission fluid, making the fall the perfect time to inspect it. Transmission fluid is typically red, but as it ages, it becomes dark brown. 

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