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Monthly Archives: July 2020

The Evolution Of The Car Horn

Car horns are unique because they are the background soundtrack for many cities around the world. There are many interesting aspects of vehicles for a car enthusiast; it makes it easy to take the car horn for granted. Below is a glimpse of the history of the car horn and its modernization over the years. Before there were interstates, in a period of horseless carriages – drivers used bells, whistles, and even hand-squeezed horns to notify pedestrians and other drivers of their presence. It wasn’t until 1908 that young inventor Miller Reese Hutchison patented the Klaxon Horn. Hutchinson, who also worked alongside Thomas Edison, created two versions of his Klaxon Horn. According to MoparMagazine, one version of the horn was motor-powered with batteries, and the other was manual with a small hand crank. Both versions of the Klaxon Horn gave a distinctive “aoogha” to announce each vehicle’s presence. Today if you honk at a pedestrian, you may startle them or ... read more