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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Tips to Protect Your Vehicle from Sun Damage

Tips to Protect Your Vehicle from Sun Damage

Cars are not heatproof. Whether a vehicle is fresh off the lot or a high mileage old faithful, protection against the sun is essential. UV rays don’t just affect the paint; too much heat can also kill car batteries and affect the engine. If resale value, high performance, and longevity is a priority, sun damage must be prevented. Below are a few practical tips to protect your vehicle from the sun.  Keep your car clean. Staying on top of car washes removes minerals, dirt, debris, and dead bugs from the surface of your vehicle. If left on your car, the sun can cause these particles to become stuck and fade the paint. Some bugs have a bacterial decomposition that releases acids that can damage the paint surface. A run through the car wash with wax can offer maximum protection. Park in the shade. If you’re in a rush, it’s easy to choose a parking spot in the direct sunlight. If possible, take additional time to find a shaded parking spot. The ... read more