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Monthly Archives: September 2021

What Do the Sensors in Your Vehicle Do?

What Do the Sensors in Your Vehicle Do?

The newer the car, the more advanced in technology its operating systems will be. Did you know that your vehicle has numerous sensors throughout its systems? They are connected to your car's internal computer, and they're there to serve one goal: communicate if there are any existing and potential problems with its associated vehicle components.    Unfortunately, just like any other car part, sensors can fail and produce false alerts. In most cases, they'll do what they are supposed to do in order in your best interest. Some cars have more sensors than others, and certain manufacturers will tweak their sensor tech over the years. However, here are some of the most popular automotive sensors that you should be aware of:   Oxygen Sensor: The O2 sensor can be found in the exhaust system and monitors the corresponding levels of oxygen to the exhaust gasses being discharged from the engine. It assists the vehicle's computer system in regulating emission co ... read more