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Does Brake Fluid Go Bad?

Brake fluid is one of those car fluids that tend to get overlooked. When most people think of brakes, they immediately jump straight into looking at the brake pads or shoes, calipers, and rotors. While brake fluid doesn’t require as often of service as motor oil, it is essential in enabling your vehicle to slow down and stop on time.

One of the biggest problems with brake fluid is that it gets contaminated over time. The most common culprits are water/moisture and copper. First off, water is a big enemy of brake fluid because it causes rust with many of your brake components. On another note, moisture can dilute the brake fluid and cause its boiling point to lower. Therefore, moisture in the brake system can lower your stopping power and increase your chances of overheating brakes. In extreme cases, brake failure can occur from moisture in the brake system. You will need to have your brakes bled, or brake fluid flushed to combat this problem.

Copper is also another contaminating element for brake fluid. The metal often comes from the brake lines or hoses that carry the fluid and serves to protect the fluid against rusting. Over time, some of the linings can chip off and become a part of the fluid. This can leave your hoses vulnerable to corrosion. 

You should always follow your manufacturer’s recommendations regarding brake fluid service and replacement. As a good rule of thumb, it is best to inspect the fluid as often as you can or once a year and service it every 2-3 years. At our auto repair shop, we can also check for the moisture content of your brake fluid. 

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