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Mayor Eric Garcetti 2019 Luncheon

2019 Annual Luncheon with our very own Mayor Eric Garcetti. RM Automotive is out there in the community working closely with Multiple Chambers Of Commerce every month. The United Chambers Of Commerce along with the Northridge Chamber Of Commerce enjoyed sitting down and discussing issues like homelessness and how RM Automotive can help in anyway to better our community. Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke to our group and discussed that he had signed a contract to provide over 60000 spots for the homeless population to be housed over the next 3 years. RM Automotive thrives on helping and participating in bettering our community on a daily basis. The Mayor Eric Garcetti also spoke about Mom and Pop Small Businesses and that he is looking forward to supporting any and all New Businesses that will open in the San Fernando Valley moving forward he is excited to see these New Business Owners Grow & Be Successful.