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My Car is Bouncing Up and Down, What Does it Mean?

After driving your vehicle for many years, you become in tune with your car. That means that anything unusual feel or function should indicate a problem with the car and acting fast to remedy the issue can prevent serious and costlier repairs. For example, when you notice that your car has an excess bounce, the problem can be attributed to various issues, from the power steering column to worn-out tires. Below, we discuss these causes and how you can troubleshoot the problem.

Struts and Shocks

Struts and shock absorbers play a key role in stabilizing the car on the road. That's why most technicians usually inspect these components when your car's excessive bouncing is causing handling and control issues. Worn-out struts cause the car to shake and bounce, resulting in a bumpy and low-quality ride, and replacing them asap prevents further damage and safety risks.


A car's suspension system's role is to ensure that the tires are constantly in contact with the road. When the suspension fails, you'll notice the difference in ride quality because the vehicle will have a significant bounce while in motion. The common culprit when you experience suspension issues is damaged ball joints and shock absorbers.


Another reason you might experience excessive bouncing and jarring when driving is wheel misalignment. Additionally, underinflated tires can also cause the problem. The tires can develop blisters and bulges in places where treads existed. As time elapses, you'll start to experience significant bouncing, and that can lead to serious and complicated automotive issues.

Power Steering Column

A car's steering system allows you to control the steering wheel and maneuver through corners and turns. In simple terms, it offers proper handling and stability while on the road. When you notice abnormal bouncing when you drive the car, one of the likely causes is a bad power steering column. The system features rack bushing that must be tightly attached to the system with enough torque.

If they become loose or too tightly connected, it causes alignment issues, which require professional repairs by a certified technician. If you need vehicle suspension repair, do not hesitate to give our auto repair shop a call today!