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Summer Road Trip Tips

With things starting to return to normal, summer road travel is expected to increase significantly this year compared to last year. 87% of Americans are expected to take a trip this summer, according to a survey administered by Destination Analysts, a travel market research company. It doesn't matter whether it is a trip within the state or across the country; people are thrilled to get out of their homes finally. More travel also means more traffic and ultimately more hazards. To avoid unnecessary stress, we've compiled a list of some popular tips to follow before embarking on your summer travels: 


1) Do a deep clean on the outside and inside of your vehicle before leaving. It might be 2021, but it is never a bad idea to properly sanitize your car. Give extra attention to the most commonly touched places: steering wheel, dashboard, and buttons. 


2) Conduct your research and plan ahead of time. Map out places to eat, where to stop for gas, and when to take rest breaks. There are great smartphone apps such as Roadtrippers that help you streamline the planning process. 


3) Pick a playlist of music or podcasts. Try to choose or create a road trip playlist ahead of time so you aren't distracted from skipping songs. Consider listening to podcasts as an alternative if you aren't the music type.


4) Figure out your finances. Many financial institutions will allow you to give them a notice when you're traveling to prevent your debit or credit card from freezing. To be on the safe side, make sure to also keep a little extra cash on you for any emergencies or tolls. 


5) Have your car inspected and serviced before your trip. At RM Automotive, we can provide an inspection tailored to your road trip needs. Our team can make sure your wheels are balanced and aligned, your fluids are topped off, and your car is in tip-top shape to take on the open road.


If you plan to leave on a road trip soon, give us a call or come by our shop in Northridge, CA, for an inspection!