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What Are the Most Common Cooling System Problems?

The cooling system plays a major role in your vehicle – simply as its name states, it cools down the engine to prevent overheating. And one major component in the cooling system that contributes to this effort is the radiator. The radiator is in charge of dispensing coolant fluid or antifreeze, which is the chemical fluid that dissipates the heat in the engine. If your vehicle is running too hot, we recommend bringing your car, SUV, or truck to RM Automotive for a thorough inspection. It can very well be one of the following cooling system problems:

1) Leak
Since coolant fluid constantly flows throughout the system and into the engine, this fluid is vulnerable to leaks. However, a radiator leak is a major cause for concern. Without a sufficient amount of coolant reaching your engine, your car will run too hot. If you notice a bright color fluid underneath your vehicle with a sweet scent, it is most likely a leak.

2) Corroded Radiator
Since the radiator is a metal structure, it is likely to rust when excess moisture is present. Corrosion is one of the first signs that indicate you have an old cooling system that needs to be serviced. Otherwise, leaving rust on your radiator can eventually cause the coolant to leak. 

3) Broken Thermostat
The thermostat monitors the engine temperature and uses the measurements to manage how much coolant fluid flows to and from the radiator. When the thermostat is broken, your engine temperature will likely rise.

If you need professional assistance inspecting and servicing your cooling system, look no further than RM Automotive. We can help you with all your cooling system needs so that you avoid severe engine damage and drive with confidence.