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What Type of Oil Filter Do I Need?

Changing the filter should always come with getting your oil changed. It's no use driving with fresh oil while still having a dirty, contaminated filter, as the leftover particles can seep through to all parts of your engine and wreak the worst havoc on it. But the life of your engine depends on quality, and knowing the right kind of filter takes professional expertise. Dirt, grime, and other toxins have an ugly way of sneaking into your engine, and the primary task of the filter is to wield it out efficiently for the life of your vehicle. Plus, a good oil filter can keep old motor oil from making its way back into your engine.

One of the first air filters that comes to mind is the full-flow oil filter, which is specifically designed to deep clean any toxins or impurities out of your vehicle's oil. These impurities can cause dirt and grime to collect on your engine and may block it from running properly. Plus, the full-flow oil filters can help protect your car from winter damage by simply allowing the oil to travel freely throughout your vehicle for smooth sailing during the most frigid months.

A good variation of the full-flow filter is the spinner oil filter, which takes up oil cleaning to an even higher level. This handy device has the uncanny ability to remove even the tiniest particles out of the oil supply in your engine, thus allowing more room for energy efficiency and environmental safety. Another version is the magnetic oil filter, which has the primary purpose of removing metallic compounds but does little to remove grime buildup. Both serve as helpers to the full-flow oil filter in keeping your engine clean and running smoothly and free of damaging microns.

Replacing your oil filter is something that can be done when going in for a routine oil change. Your mechanic can advise you on the best quality for your money and even install it for you upon your request. So if you need to have your oil changed, simply bring your vehicle into our shop. We can help you choose the filter that works best for you today.