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5 Car Care Tips for Spring

The winter weather usually gets many people stuck indoors. When spring comes, the weather starts looking up; an excellent season to embark on that family vacation or road trip you dreamt of all winter. But is your car ready for the spring and summer seasons? If you have plans to drive more often in spring, here are five practical car care tips for spring.

1. Check the Oil and Oil Filter

It would help if you observed oil and oil filter changes according to your car manufacturer's manual. It's one of the most affordable car maintenance services, which ensures excellent engine cleanliness and performance. Oil changes also ensure your engine achieves higher fuel economy and a longer lifespan.

2. Steering and Suspension Inspection

The constant freeze-n-thaw cycles in winter lead to road damage, and potholes become a norm. Driving on such road conditions can significantly impact your vehicle's steering and suspension systems. That makes the car pull to one side and compromises ride quality. Avoid such issues in spring by taking the car for suspension balancing and wheel alignment for improved control and handling.

3. Service the Air Conditioning System

Temperatures rise in spring and summer, and you don't want to have a failed AC system when driving under hot weather. A failing AC system cannot effectively freshen and cool interior air, resulting in discomfort. Ac servicing involves filter replacements and repairs of any malfunctioning AC component to ensure you enjoy the quality and cool air in spring as you drive.

4. Check the Battery Charging System

Winter temperatures cause the battery to work harder, damaging the battery's electroplates and other battery parts. As spring approaches, this is the best time to replace the battery. A new battery will withstand the high electrolyte evaporation rate and corrosion of battery parts due to the rising temperatures in spring and summer.

5. Replace the Wipers and Refill the Wiper Fluid

Wipers are in constant use whenever you drive in winter. That means they become worn by spring, and the wiper fluid becomes depleted. It would be best to have new windshield wipers that can effectively clear the spring showers away to ensure improved road visibility. You also need to refill the wiper fluid for maximum performance.

If you need professional help getting your vehicle ready for the spring season, we invite you to bring your car to our automotive repair shop today!