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All About the Car Muffler

All car combustible engines release harmful byproducts that need to be released. While the gasses move through the exhaust system, it produces a lot of noise and pressure. And the muffler in the exhaust system is responsible for doing just that! It is the piece of the puzzle that allows our car to run quietly and smoothly. Read on to learn about the various parts of the muffler

  • Inlet: Exhaust gasses and sound enter the exhaust system through the inlet.
  • Resonator: The resonator is exactly what it sounds – it is a part of the device that alters the engine noise by reducing the overall volume of the engine and neutralizing sound waves. 
  • Perforated tubes: There are metal tubes within the muffler that control the pitch of the sounds. They also help minimize the sound and play a part in your vehicle’s overall performance.
  • Outlet: The outlet is the portion of the muffler where both sounds and safer gasses get released from the car.

As you can see, the muffler alone contains different parts that include tubes and holes. Overall, it works to keep engine sounds to a minimum. Since the engine releases toxic fumes, it also plays a role in emitting these gasses once they've been transformed into safer gasses. And the more efficient your car is able to release these gasses, the more powerful your engine will be. 


At RM Automotive, we can help you keep your exhaust system in good shape. If any of your emissions components go bad or rust, our team will happily replace them for you so that you can return to the road safely. 


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