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Monthly Archives: April 2021

5 Car Care Tips for Spring

5 Car Care Tips for Spring

The winter weather usually gets many people stuck indoors. When spring comes, the weather starts looking up; an excellent season to embark on that family vacation or road trip you dreamt of all winter. But is your car ready for the spring and summer seasons? If you have plans to drive more often in spring, here are five practical car care tips for spring. 1. Check the Oil and Oil Filter It would help if you observed oil and oil filter changes according to your car manufacturer's manual. It's one of the most affordable car maintenance services, which ensures excellent engine cleanliness and performance. Oil changes also ensure your engine achieves higher fuel economy and a longer lifespan. 2. Steering and Suspension Inspection The constant freeze-n-thaw cycles in winter lead to road damage, and potholes become a norm. Driving on such road conditions can significantly impact your vehicle's steering and suspension systems. That makes the car pull to one side and compromise ... read more