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Monthly Archives: August 2021

What Are the Warning Signs of Transmission Troubles?

What Are the Warning Signs of Transmission Troubles?

Your transmission is a component of the engine that converts power to torque. Torque is a force that turns an object—such as weeks—around an axis or axle. Your transmission transforms all of the movement into something that keeps your car moving from place to place. Without an operating transmission, your vehicle won't get you where you need to be. To avoid an expensive auto repair bill, look for these symptoms of transmission trouble. Check Engine Light On. While this light could signify numerous issues under the hood, it could also suggest you're combatting transmission issues. Because the check engine light is attached to an intelligent sensor in your engine, it can recognize vibrations and problems before you ever see or hear them. As soon as you notice this light, please take your car to RM Automotive to get it checked out. Slippery Gears. One of your transmission's most essential tasks is to manage your gear shifts. When it's defective, your transmis ... read more