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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Ways to Summerize Your Vehicle

Ways to Summerize Your Vehicle

Driving in warm summer months here in California can definitely take a toll on your vehicle. The high temperature and increase in driving can add wear and tear, so these helpful tips on how to summerize your vehicle can ensure that your car is properly prepared and ready to take the heat. Here are some ways you can summerize your vehicle: Check the level of coolant - low coolant can quickly lead to engine overheating, especially in the summer. If the coolant level is low, we recommend bringing your vehicle into our shop. There may be a leak in the system, and just topping off the coolant may not solve the issue if the coolant continues to leak. We will also ensure that the cooling fan is in proper working order.    Test your vehicle's air conditioning system for proper function.   Take note of the age of your vehicle's battery, and if its been over 3 years since you last replaced it, you may want to have it tested. We can do so at our shop to see how much j ... read more