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Is it time for a Transmission Fluid Exchange on your Car

Is it time for you to get a " Transmission Fluid Exchange on you Car ? ". RM Automotive is here for all your car care needs. Transmission Fluid Exchange, Coolant Flush, Oil Change. Make an appointment today.

Remember to keep your fluids in your car fresh and filled. Here are some helpful tips for you to show you symptoms of your car needing a " Transmission Fluid Exchange "

1) Engagement is Delayed. With low transmission fluid in your vehicle, you will have a temporary delay after you move your gear stick to reverse or drive. ...
2) Trouble Shifting Gears. ...
3) Erratic or Difficult Shifts. ...
4) Gear Slippage. ...
5) Transmission Becomes Overheated.

Bring your car into RM Automotive for a free courtesy inspection and we will take a look at your fluids.

It might be time for a Transmission Fluid Exchange Today!

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