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Signs of a Bad Fuel Injector

Fuel injectors are a preferred choice of fuel delivery system in the engine for vehicle manufacturers nowadays. Injectors have taken over the job of their predecessors-carburetors, in a much more technologically and environmentally efficient way.

Understanding Fuel injector

A fuel injector provides fuel for the internal combustion process in the engine to produce energy.

A fuel injector is managed by the internal computer of the vehicle, which directs the time, pressure, direction, and frequency of fuel delivery in the combustion cylinder. The spray of fuel inside the cylinder results in the ignition of hot, compressed air and a small explosion that moves the pistons forcefully to generate power.

Indications of a Malfunctioning Fuel Injector

An efficient and clean fuel injector is vital for optimal engine performance, emissions, and fuel efficiency. It is essential to perform proper and regular maintenance of the fuel injector to prevent any disruption in the engine's operations.

A fuel injector can malfunction due to blockage by accumulation of combustion by-products over time. Additionally, leaks and broken components also impact the performance of the injectors resulting in the emergence of signs and symptoms that can help in detecting and addressing the underlying issue.

Misfiring of the engine- it happens due to insufficient fuel delivery in the combustion system resulting in difficulty to accelerate the vehicle.

Poor idling- deficient fuel supply results in low RPMs, which cause rough idle and engine stalling.

Fuel odor- leakages of the fuel injector might be the reason behind the smell of fuel.

Declining fuel efficiency- inadequate functioning of the injector will consume more fuel to compensate for the inefficiency, resulting in reduced fuel economy.

"Check engine" light turns on- problems in the internal engine can cause the "check engine" light to illuminate, and a faulty fuel injector might be one of them.

Vibrating engine- not enough fuel in the combustion cylinder can cause it to shake, resulting in vibrations of the engine during driving.

Visible fuel leak under the car- a broken fuel injector is one of the reasons for fuel leakages from the engine.

Excess smoke from the tailpipe- improper or incomplete combustion of fuel results in poor emissions from the vehicle.

Look out for these signs and symptoms to keep the fuel injector in your engine running smoothly and efficiently. If you require any fuel injector repair or cleaning service, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop and let our expert technicians assist you in fixing the problem.