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These guys are courteous, efficient, and understand the high cost of what they do. They run a business like a business should be run with hard work and a smile. Thank you Reed, Mike & John for all you do!


I enjoy seeing the guys at RM Automotive everytime I need my car serviced or repaired. They are always so nice and polite and helpful.


RM Automotive is very professional. They performed my requests for repairing the car and were honest about telling me what needed to be replaced now, and in the future. They even told me about a part on my car that needed to be replaced eventually, but told me I could use it for probably another 1-2 years, rather than convincing me I needed it right now. John was especially polite, answering my many emails about the things I wanted to be checked on the car. They do the work quickly and for a reasonable price. They were even willing to store my car for a day in their locked, alarmed garage. If you want the job done carefully and properly with patient, polite service, come to RM Automotive.


The best Honda/Acura repair shop in the valley. They know what they're talking about and always tell it like it is. Friendly service and excellent quality repairs. Ditch the dealer drama and come to RM like I did. You won't regret it!